Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips

Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips

How Wrinkles Are Formed
Wrinkles form on outer two layers. Epidermis thins and losses ability to hold moisture, creating fine lines. In the dermis, collagen deteriorates and losses the ability to support the skin.

  • Outer skin layer is the epidermis, made of hardened skin cells that form a protective layer for the body
  • Next layer is the dermis, which contains collagen and gives skin elasticity
  • The innermost layer is the hypodermis, which consists mostly of fat

Skin Tips For Reducing Wrinkles

  • Hydrate
    Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer that contains cholesterol and fatty acids, and avoid moisturizers with a lot of water.
  • 95% of wrinkles are due to sun exposure- Doris Day., M.D New York University Medical Center
  • Get Your Rest
    During sleep, your skin has time to recuperate and can add longevity to collagen in your dermis. Sleep on your back to avoid pressure on your skin.
  • SPF Creams
    A daily moisturizer or a foundation with an SPF will help provide protection from ultraviolet rays that damage your skin.
  • Quit Smoking 
    Smoking damages many parts of your body, including your skin, by slowing the flow of oxygen
  • Estrogen
    Post-menopausal women can use estrogen creams to help reduce the skin and the fine lines of aging
  • Fatty Acids
    Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in olive oil, flaxseed and many fish (and fish oil supplements) help keep skin moisturized.
  • Dryness
    Cold weather and alcohol can also dry your skin
  • Antioxidants
    Antioxidants found in avocados, pomegranates and green tea extract help repair damaged skin.
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