Quit Smoking, Earn More

Quit Smoking, Earn More

Quit Smoking, Earn More

Former smokers earn higher wages than smokers and people who never smoked, says a new research by two Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta economists

The Findings

  • The pair discovered that staff who had given up smoking for m ore than 12 months earn the most money because of their “characteristics”
  • 95% of the hourly wages of a former smokers are earned by those who never smoke
  • 80% of nonsmokers’ wages are earned by smokers
  • And just one cigarette is enough for this wage disparity to kick in

What Drives The Difference?

  • The Researchers noted that education level was the largest contributing variable
  • Poor Health that could result in days off work Or simply that the boss hates cigarettes
  • Smokers Have roughly the same results regardless of how many cigarettes they use each month
  • Productivity Declines due to smoking aren’t to blame


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