Why is Wedding Ring Worn On The Ring Finger

Why is Wedding Ring Worn On The Ring Finger

Why is Wedding Ring Worn On The Ring Finger

Have you ever wonder why married couples worn wedding rings on their forth finger or ring finger? The Chinese have given a beautiful and very convincing theory as to why wedding ring should go on the fourth finger.

Fingers Representation

  • Thumb = Your Parents
  • Index = Your Siblings
  • Middle = You
  • Ring = Your Partner
  • Little = Your Children

As The Story Goes…

1. Place both of your hands together

2. Bend your middle fingers together and leave the other fingers touching together

3. Now, if you try to separate your little fingers that represents your Children, you can. Your children will be building their own separate lives and settle themselves someday with family of their own

You can open your Index finger because your sibling which is your brothers and/or sisters are going to leave you to have their separate life or maybe build their own family

You can also open your Thumbs which represent your parents. According to the Chinese, this is because your parents are not destined to leave with you forever.

4. But,

Try to separate your Ring finger (which represents your life partner). Can’t Do It, Can You?

That is because your life partner is the one who is supposed to be with you for the rest of your life. They will be the one to be with you forever and through thick and thin…!


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