Tasks You Can Outsource To Virtual Assistant

Tasks You Can Outsource To Virtual Assistant

Tasks You Can Outsource To Virtual Assistant

Time is precious for any entrepreneur. Spending it for time-consuming office tasks such as scheduling management is definitely not a smart choice for any entrepreneur. Years ago, businessmen had no choice but to do all of the office tasks themselves or hire an office-based VA. But outsourcing changed everything about managing an office. You can outsource practically every office task you can think of. Here are some top tasks you can outsource to a dedicated VA.

1. Transcription
This is a really time consuming activity for you to do alone. If you have a collection of podcasts or videos and you want to have a text version of it, you may outsource transcription task to virtual assistant trasciptionist

2. Blog Posting
Business blogs are becoming popular these days, thus having a blog section in your business website or a separate blog site promoting your business is a plus. But as a busy entrepreneur, who has time to blog? Good thing that there are virtual personal assistants who are always ready to update your blog page. Blogs are greater for advertisement and marketing.

3. Content Research
Content research is another task that you can outsource to a VA. As a businessman, you may have heard and identified the most profitable niches contents. But researching new topics may be too time-consuming on your part. With a virtual assistant you can have a very minimal work load for content research. This helps you save a bucket load of time for your other business needs

4. Social Media And Blog Management
The power of social media is something that entrepreneurs should not take for granted. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter can definitely give your business site a boost. A general virtual assistant who is familiar with how social media works can do a lot of tasks for you. They can:

  • Update social media status
  • Moderate comments on your FB/Twitter page
  • Post blogs
  • Managing social media calendar content

While it’s not mandatory to give them log-in access of your social media account, giving them some of the log-in information is your last choice

5. SEO
Search engine optimization is a tricky thing in online marketing. Any businessman who has a traditional background in business management may not completely understand what SEO meant at first. Although it’s developing very much around quality content, moderate link building and bookmarking, trends in SEO remain to be dynamic and only a professional SEO specialist can perform this.

6. Data Mining
Data mining refers to the email sales follow-up adding opt-in forms in websites, produce additional websites, or simply building a list of your prospective clients. Managing this list and doing a lot of internet research is a busy work that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be doing
Any businessman can do this for sure, but putting all your attention to such work would be the end of your business. When you stop thinking of new business ideas and generating new lists of clients, it’s definitely your business’s doomsday. Hand over data mining tasks to an online virtual assistant and save time, big time!

7. Data Entry
This is a very similar task to data mining. A data entry specialists job is to keep a record of contacts and other details which may be useful for future references and other client prospects. Data entry may be a very laborious task for a busy entrepreneur. A lot of typing and document gathering is needed with kind of task. You don’t want to get tied up with that kind of job the whole day, so looking for a virtual assistant would be the most practical thing to do.

8. Calendar Management
Many entrepreneurs mess up with their calendars. Sure they can plot schedules and list to-do tasks but most of them have trouble following them. Virtual assistants can perform a great deal of calendar management. Plus, they can help businessmen accomplish all the tasks they need to do for the day

9. Project Management
This will require a slightly more experienced and more mature virtual assistant. There’s no limit to the kind of project you want your VA to manage, all you need to do is to find a VA who has matured in the industry and knows what your business is really about.

So these are the top 12 office tasks you can get rid from your office. Outsourcing these tasks will definitely make your office life easier and your business more productive.

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  1. Great article. I am a VA and I can share my experience and my job has a lot in common with a project manager. I can do plenty of tasks, e.g planning, checking, conducting research or doing other marketing activities.

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