Project Management Best Practices

Project Management Best Practices

You’re well-read & well-prepared in project management methodologies, risk management, change management, scope management, stakeholder management, & more. But can you remember all those little project management best practices that help work run smoothly?

 Review These Quick & Easy Tips Every Time A New Project Starts To Achieve Greater Success:

  1. Communicate with all project stakeholders from day 1: Team members, managers, project sponsors clients, valued users, etc.
  2. Create a risk response team as the first line of defense when problems occur
  3. Always hold a project kick-off meeting & include everyone.
  4. Start your project with a detailed work definition document – and make all stakeholders sign in agreement
  5. Create a detailed work plan & model if off of previous, similar projects (if possible).
  6. Document everything steps, bottlenecks, changes in scope, etc.
  7. Ask the team for feedback on your management methods & what you can do better to help them
  8. When stakeholders come to you with new project requests, show them how the change will affect your project timeline or budget
  9. If scope changes due to new requests, have everyone sign a new agreement document
  10. Hold a wrap-up meeting after the project ends to discuss lessons learned & ways to improve for next time

Project Management Best Practice