We are Facing Some Air Turbulence

We are Facing Some Air Turbulence

We are Facing Some Air Turbulence

Top Accidents And Incidents That EgyptAir Faced Since The 70s.

Flight 763 – March 19, 1972
Flight 763 was on its way from Cairo to Aden, Yemen, when the aircraft struck Jebel Shamsan, the highest peak of Aden Crater, on a visual approach to land on runway. $2 people died in the crash.

Flight 741 – January 29, 1973
Flight 741 was on its way from Cairo to Nicosia when it crashed in the Kyrenia mountain range in Cyprus on its descent while approaching the runway. All 37 people on board died.

Flight 321 – August 23, 1976
Three armed extremists, claiming to be from the Abd Al-Nasir Movement, hijacked the Cairo-Luxor flight and asked the pilot to land in Tripoli

Flight 864 – December 25, 1976
Flight 864 flying from Cairo to Don Mueang International Airport when the Boeing 707 crashed into an industrial complex in Bangkok. All 52 persons on board were killed, plus 19 on the ground.

Flight 648 – November 23, 1985
Flight 648 was on its way from Athens to Cairo when it was hijacked by three palenstinian members of Abu Nidel group. 60 people, including 2 hijackers were killed during a raid to recapture the plane

Flight 990 – October 1999
EgypAir Flight 990 was on a flight from Los Angeles to Cairo when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about 60 miles (100 km) south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, killing all 217 people on board.

Flight 843 – May 7 2002
Flight 843 was flying from Cairo to Tunis when it crashed into a hill near Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Three crew members and 11 passengers died

Flight 667 – July 29, 2011
Flight 667 was scheduled to fly from Cairo to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia when a fire in the cockpit while on the ground at Cairo airport,. Seven people, of the 317 passengers and crew, were injured.

Flight 181 – March 29, 2016
MSK 181 flying from Alexandria to Cairo when it was hijacked by an Egyptair man, forcing it to divert to Larneca international Airport in Cyprus. He demanded to see his estranged wife and sought for asylum

Top accidents Egyptair faces in the 70s

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