Climate Change Is Happening Now

Climate Change Is Happening Now

Climate Change Is Happening Now

Scientists have known for decades. They’ve warned us. And changes are well underway

1965 – Leading scientists point out the chaotic nature of the climate system and the possibility of sudden shifts.
NOW – A warming climate is increasing the frequency and severity of many extreme weather events.

1971- Conference leading scientists reports a danger of rapid and serious global climate change caused by humans, calls for an organized research effort.
NOW – Scientists are more certain than ever that the warming since 1950 has been primarily caused by humans.

1982 – Strong global warming since mid 1970s is reported, with 1981 the warmest year on record.
NOW – The period 2001-2010 was the hottest decade on record

1990 – IPCC First Assessment Report finds global warming is likely to increase heatwaves in summer.
NOW – Many regions including Australia have experienced longer and more intense heatwaves.

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