Battery Safety

Battery Safety

Battery Safety

Know Your Battery
Not all batteries perform equally, Only purchase and use batteries from trusted manufacturers, brands like EFEST, Sony, LG and Orbotronics etc. Know the amperage capability of your battery and only use high-drain models.

The Greedy Coil
Coils are power hungry and will pull as much electricity from battery as they want, even if the battery can’t provide the amount that the coil wants. When the coil draws more power than the battery can manage, BAD things happen.

Obey The Law
Always check the resistance of your coil! Once you know the resistance of your coil, input the number of ohms and 4.2 volts into an Ohm’s law calculator (available online) to find how many amps of current your coil will draw from your battery.

Wiggle Room
Batteries like having wiggle room too! Use a battery that can provide at least 5 amps (continuous) more than the amount that your coil needs. Your battery will thank you for it

Mark Time
Always write the purchase date on all of your batteries and dispose of them in an approved battery disposal no later than 12 months after purchase.



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