Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy


  • Attract targeted fans ONLY
  • Friends of fans expand reach
  • Engage w/fans – WOW them!
  • Speak your fans’ language
  • Ask fans to share your post
  • Boost posts for best reach
  • Mine insights for fan data
  • Experiment w/posts to see what works best


  • Reward fans who tag your biz
  • Link to an article, video
  • Include call-to-action
  • Fan contest for sharing
  • Post compelling photo
  • Add a like box to website
  • Keep text short, to the point
  • Add like button to website

Time line

  • 851×315 Timeline dimension
  • 180×180 profile photo size
  • Add call to action to cover
  • Announce promotions here
  • Changes appear in newsfeed
  • Printed posts = visibility\Capture contact info w/app
  • 3 sec to tell people essentials


  • A must for 2016 to reach audience
  • Identify ad goal: traffic, lead, sale?
  • Boost post is simplest way to start
  • Target warm leads: people who already know you
  • Local? Target geographically
  • Analyze ad reports to find best ROI
  • Adapt ads based on report analysis
  • Be persistent: go from fan to lead to sale


  • Rank top posts by reach/share
  • Note time of posts w/greatest Reach
  • Identify where Page Likes came from
  • “People Engaged” fans most valuable
  • Where are #28 located geographically?
  • Schedule posts for best reach to #28
  • Identify most viewed Sections
  • Actions on page tells you where people clicked

Visual Content

  • Images, videos work best
  • Video gets Huge reach
  • Livestream with FB Live
  • Use Canva.com for images
  • 20% of image can be text
  • Add GIFs to attract attention
  • Meme images go viral
  • Post images: 400px square
  • Ad images: 1200×600 px


  • Get a large focused fan base
  • Display CTA on cover
  • Offer freebie as lead gen
  • Capture email marketing
  • Use targeted ads wisely
  • Review insights monthly
  • Lead-to-sale takes time


  • ¬†Award a price to fans who share
  • Integrate contest from your website
  • Host a joint contest w/colleagues
  • Crowdsource new product ideas
  • Ask fans to vote for their favorite
  • Photo contests generate most activity
  • Make entering contest simple
  • Give away gift card toward your products



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