Creating a Sustainable Market Strategy

Creating a Sustainable Market Strategy

Creating a Sustainable Market Strategy

Tips to Keep Your Email Campaign Fresh All Year Long
Each Earth Day serves as an annual reminder to practice sustainability. As an email marketer, i’s a great time to reflect on your strategies to ensure that your success is long-lasting. With Earth Day approaching, Campaigner has compiled five best practice to help marketers create sustainable email campaigns year-round.

1. Utilize Predictive Analytics
2016 is set to see an almost 50% increase in the use of predictive analytics among email marketers.

Email Tip
Use predictive analytics to determine which elements you should reduce if unsuccessful, reuse for broader outreach, and recycle if they can be modified for another campaign.

2. Integrate video and Interactive Content:
29% of email marketers include video in their content marketing strategy.

Email Tip
Keep your email content fresh by implementing video and interactive content that will engage and entertain your contacts.

3. Engage on Social Media
Over half (55%) of email marketers plan to prioritize social media marketing integration this year.

Email Tip
You’ve already planted the seeds of your message with your customers with your email marketing campaign, so help spread the roots even further through social media.

4. Add Buy Buttons
36% of email marketers report seeing an increase in sales from direct buy button integration.

Email Tip
Integrate buy buttons into your email messages and social media platforms to help your campaign sprout and grow new life via conversions

5. Leverage ‘Little Data’
Two thirds of marketers believe smaller, segmented data provides better insight for marketing strategy and execution than big data.

Email Tip
Instead of thinking big when it comes to contact data, dig deep, root down and analyze more specific contact data to reveal how to best target your messages.


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