Mom Clicks Her Way To a Simpler Day

Mom Clicks Her Way To a Simpler Day

Mom Clicks Her Way To a Simpler Day

Mom works hard to keep her family and home running smoothly. One of her best kept secrets? “Clicks” power much of mom’s day whether it’s helping her manage her to-dos or capturing memorable moments.

Moms across the country have revealed their top clicks that simplify their day and give them peace of mind!

1. Before the kids head off to school, click their water bottles, thermoses and lunch boxes to ensure they are sealed and won’t spill during travel.

2. When driving kids to school, you’ll know they are safely buckled in when you hear clicks coming from the back seat

3. Capture everything from science fair ribbons to soccer game wins with paparazzi-like camera shutter clicks.

4. Unwind after a long day with your favorite TV shows, clicking your DVR until you find the latest episodes! #YouTime

5. After powering down your phone for the night, a click of the charger lets you know it will be ready to go in the morning.

6. When you turn off the lights but the children hear their nightlight click on, they can rest easy through the night.


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