5 Ways to Deal with a Crying Baby

5 Ways to Deal with a Crying Baby

5 Ways to Deal with a Crying Baby

The first three months after having a child is the toughest phase for every parent, Understanding the cries of the baby, catering to its need and soothing the child is a difficult task. So, when you hear your baby cry, here is a check list to help you calm the child.

1. The Golden Checklist

  • Does the baby need a diaper change?
  • Is the baby sleepy?
  • Is the baby hungry?

2. Check on the Attire
Don’t overdress your baby. Clothe them with something comfortable like a onesie -light, loose and an airy attire depending on the temperature.

3. The 5s’ 
Effective formulae to soothe babies in the first few months are the 5s’

  • Sucking
    Allow the baby to suck on a pacifier or it’s own thumb. This will help calm the child
  • Swaddling
    Swaddle the baby in a blanket to help her out of the Moro reflex. (The reflex of Jolt when falling from a height, as seen in infants).
  • Side/Stomach Position
    Putting the baby to sleep sideways also does help in calming it. Avoid putting them to sleep on their back because it can make them restless.
  • Swinging
    Swinging the tiny tot in the cradle can actually calm it and also help it get a sound sleep.

4. Gas and Reflux
Light abdomen massage in clock-wise motion to push the gas trapped in the intestines would comfort the baby.

5. Feeding at Small Intervals
Feeding small amounts of food multiple times, burping once / twice during / after / the feed can help to avoid acidity

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