6 Ways to Push your Limits for Success

6 Ways to Push your Limits for Success

6 Ways to Push your Limits for Success

The only thing stopping us from reaching our goals and dreams are our own limits. Whether it is fear, doubt. Physical abilities or some other mental block, it can present a huge Barrier to getting what we want. Here are some tips on how to overcome them.

1. Face your Fears
Nelson Mandela once said, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but it is he who conquers that fear.” Essentially, everyone is afraid of something. The only difference between self-limiters and the successful people is that the latter is willing to work and move through their fears is willing to work and move through their fears in order to get where they want to be.

2. Quit Trying to be Perfect
Perfectionism is the belief that if we look perfect and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of failure, blame, judgement, and shame. But if we want to fully experience happiness and success, we must first believe – with confidence – that we are worthy of those, right now, right this minute, without any prerequisites.

3. Get a Partner
Two heads are better than one. You may work well on your own, but some endeavors just cannot be accomplished without a partner. Having someone who shares your successes (and failures) can provide with a feeling of security that will allow you to take the risks you fear most which often reap the greatest rewards.

4. Learn to Let go
We often create an image in our minds of what we expect our lives to be. When these expectations are not met, the frustration sets in. This can be incapacitating. It is better to focus on what you can change. If you cannot change anything, do not waste your time holding on to it, but change the way you think about it instead.

5. Make New Friends
If we measure success based on a better quality of life, then friendship is a critical element. Success does require determination and personal growth. However, success also depends on the ability to connect with people who have already made it. When you make friends with successful people, the sky is the limit.

6. Critical Visualization
A research finds that visualizing positive fantasy of success drains the energy out of ambition. Instead, try critical visualization, in which realistic obstacles, setbacks, and other decidedly. not-so-positive factors are considered. A smart golfer visualizes sinking a put, not winning the tournament

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