5 Ways Walmart Uses Data

5 Ways Walmart Uses Data

5 Ways Walmart Uses Data

Big data is an essential part of the strategy of many companies, and Walmart is analyzing data in distinct ways. Below, discover five key areas where Walmart leverages big data to enhance, customize and optimize the shopping experience

1.  To Walmart Pharmacies More Efficient
Walmart uses simulations at the pharmacy to find out how many prescriptions are filled in a day and to to determine the busiest times during a day or month. This data helps the pharmacy with staff scheduling and to reduce the amount of time it takes a prescription to be filled.

2. To Improve Store Checkout
Walmart is testing how to use big data to improve the store checkout experience. By using predictive analytics, stores can anticipate demand at certain hours and determine how many associates are needed at the counters. By analyzing the data, Walmart can determine the best forms of checkout for each store: self-checkout and facilitated checkout.

3. To Manage the Steps of a Supply Chain
Walmart uses simulations to track the number of steps from the dock to the store. This allows the company to optimize routes to the shipping dock and track the number of times a product gets touched along the way to the customer. The company also uses data to analyze transportation lanes and routes for the company’s fleet of trucks. The data helps Walmart keep transportation costs down and schedule driver times.

4. To Optimize Product Assortment
Through analysis of customer preferences and shopping patterns, Walmart can accelerate decision-making on how to stock shelves and display merchandise. Big data provides insight on new items discontinued products and which private brands to carry.

5. Personalize the Shopping Experience
Big data allows Walmart to identify a shoppers’s preferences to develop a consistent and delightful shopping experience. If a user is shopping for baby products, Walmart can use data analysis to personalize mobile rollback deals for parents and help them live better by anticipating their needs.

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