Quit Bad Habits

Ten Habits That Damage Your Business Online

  1. Content Will Always Be King
    If you’re an online store, focus on delivering the best products. If you’re a blog, focus on the best articles. If you’re any type of online business, focus on the content. Everything else is secondary. Experiment, edit and energize your content.
  2. Duplication
    Like they say, “when there are two of the same thing, one is unnecessary”, Quit being a monkey and retain your uniqueness. There is just one you, and that precisely is your USP. If you want to copy, copy like an artist. Add your personality into whatever it is that you’re copying.
  3. Creating Exaggerated Or False Impressions
    80 percent of your sales happen because your customers trust trust what you show and say. Quit exaggerating the features/benefits of your service/product. Under promise and over deliver. Always
  4. Rambling
    Your audience’s attention is already low. Quit rambling. Quit adding to the noise.
  5. Never Lose Trust
    Your customers trust you when they give you their time of their personal details. Break that trust once, and you cannot get rid of your customer’s suspiciously rising eyebrows ever again
  6. Not Dealing With Negative Reputation
    If you are indifferent to negative reputation, you will soon shut down. Thanks to social media, word spreads fast. So manage negative reputation before it snowballs
  7. If Content Is King, Customers Is Queen
    Marketing can get you customers but cannot retain them. By spending more time and energy on customer service, your customers can become your marketing partners and you get a lot of free publicity.
  8. Stay Calm And Keep Listening
    Do not harp endlessly about the virtue of your products. Listen to what your customers are saying about you and adopt/experiment suitably. Modesty will get you what pride won’t
  9. Fear
    The Fear of failure, making a decision or of going against the status quo can destroy your business and its USP. Be brave. It goes a long way.
  10. Focus
    Unfortunately, the internet has thousands of distractions. Lose your focus, you will lose everything (and it’s very easy to loose it). So keep a check on were you are spending your time and energy.

10 Bad Habit That Damage Your Business Online

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