Bad Habits to Avoid in a Relationship

Bad Habits to Avoid in a Relationship

Bad Habits to Avoid in a Relationship

1. Avoid blaming and nitpicking. This will usually compound problems, rather than solve them.

2. When your partner has honest concerns, don’t become defensive or escalate the situation. instead, listen.

3. Making important decisions without your spouse can cause contention and weaken emotional intimacy.

4. When you have legitimate concerns, don’t hide them. Keeping these feelings bottled up could build resentment toward your partner

5. Selfishness is the root of many marital problems. Be attentive to your partner’s wants and needs

6. Holding grudges is poison to a relationship. Be willing to forgive and forget.

7. The in-laws may not be your best friends, but don’t constantly criticize people that raised your spouse!

8. Don’t compare your relationship to those of others-especially since you don’t see the whole picture

Comparison is Thief of Joy. –Theodore Roosevelt


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