15 Reasons to Teach your Kids Archery

In 2012 London Olympics, a world record in archery was set by Im Dong-hyun, a legally blind South Korean archer.

  1. Archery is Open to just Anyone
    Archery can be enjoyed by both DISABLED AND ABLE BODIED PEOPLE. Children with the most severe disabilities can easily join and enjoy the sport.
  2. Archery Helps Physical Development
    Archers need significant stamina and upper body and core strength to pull bows and keep them steady while aiming.
  3. Archery Teaches Growth Mindset
    With practice, young archers learn not to get too emotional when they make a bad shot. Instead of attaching their self-worth to their performance, they will learn to analyze their shots with a cool mind and improve in the next rounds
  4. Archery Improves Mental Toughness
    Archers need not only physical strength, but also mental toughness. Just by practicing archery young archers will develop focus, patience and learn to stay self-motivated.
  5. Archery Boosts Self Confidence
    Archery offers great satisfaction in combining both physical and mental skills to good effect. Whatever the final result is, every archer can draw some satisfaction from winning a personal mental battle.
  6. Archery Gives a Sense of Accomplishment
    Not all kids like team sports. Individual sport such as archery may give these kids a place to shine. Being in a position to pull back the string and successfully loose an arrow straight into the target will surely give a child a great sense of accomplishment.
  7. Archery Teaches Goal Setting
    In archery, the focus is literally on the target. Archery offers a perfect goal-setting  environment. Starting even with simple goals like focusing on smaller target rings and increasing distance, young achers can set personal goals for each practice session and monitor their progress.
  8. Archery is a Social Sport
    Individuals from numerous walks of life can enjoy archery. Virtually every age group is able to practice the sport. It is not uncommon to see 50 year olds practicing alongside 14 year olds at a range, conversing and offering help and tips.
  9. Archery Teachers Teamwork & Sportsmanship
    Archery is not only an individual discipline, but can also be played as a team event. Being in a team will teach your kid to lead others, support them and rely on them.
  10. Archery is Relatively Inexpensive
    If you just want your child to play for fun, then archery can be an affordable sport. You can make the most basic bows yourself from PVC pipes or buy them for cheap price.
  11. Archer can be Practiced all Year Long
    Archery can be practiced both indoors and outdoors with many clubs having access to indoor facilities over the winter season, so the weather need not be a barrier to playing the sport.
  12. Archery Teaches Kids the Importance of Safety
    There is no sport without danger and any sport can be extremely dangerous if players are reckless. The most important element of archery range is safety. You can be sure that archery will teach your kids to the equipment being used.
  13. Archery is Fun
    The goal of recreational archery is first and foremost to have fun. As an archer your kid should remember to concentrate on improving his/her performance and maintain positive energy, and with that in mind, archery can certainly be a source of great fun.
  14. Archery is Cool
    Every dreams of being a super-hero. Being able to shoot arrows will let kids like the fictional heroes who are badass archers – Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdee, Legolas, Robin Hood, Rambo and others!
  15. Archery Teaches Valuable Skills
    Sportsmanship, physical fitness, hunting, physics are just a few of the skills your kid will learn. All invaluable in case of a Zombie Apocalypse

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