How Customers will Love your Webshop

How Customers will Love your Webshop

How Customers will Love your Webshop

1. Kind Customer Support
73% of customers choose to stay with a brand specifically because they offer friendly customer support.

Tip: Along with being nice, time is of the essence. Long wait times are the reason 66% of customers switch to competitors.

2. A Seamless Checkout Experience
80 seconds is the average time a customer is willing to spend on checkout.

Tip: Offer multiple payment options, guest checkout and a mobile site. There are more than 175 million mobile shoppers or “m-commerce” buyers.

3. Personalization
80%  of customers want to receive emails with product recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Tip: On-site product recommendations, tailored emails and customized purchase history are all ways to personalize the shopping experience.

4. Reward Loyalty
69% of customers want to be recognized and rewarded for doing business with you.

Tip: Launch a rewards program where shoppers get perks and discounts for loyalty and making purchases.

5. Encourage Referrals
83% of customers are willing to share their positive experience on social media ( which helps you acquire new customers!)

Tip: Recognize and reward advocates who bring in new customers. With greater recognition comes greater motivation!

6. Engaging Content
62% of customers seek practical content from brands about how to use their products in the best possible way.

Tip: Once a shopper has engaged with dynamic content (a video, for example), they’re 2x more likely to purchase.

7. Sense of Mission
64% of customers would come back often if they believe your company shares their values.

Tip: Participate in events and run campaigns that focus on health, family, or whatever is most important to your customers

8. Easy Mobile Access
67% of customers are more likely to purchase from a mobile-optimized site.

Tip: Build an app too! 89% of mobile shoppers buy through mobile apps; only 11% use a mobile friendly site to purchase.

10. Multi-Channel Availability
65% of customers use social media to research products for their loved ones.

Tip: Make it easier for customers to reach you with a social media presence and live chat on your site. If you don’t want to wait for customers to come to you, use Pure Chat to see who’s on your site and start a conversation with qualified leads

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