The Outrageously Simple Visual Guide to Goal Setting

The Outrageously Simple Visual Guide to Goal Setting

The Outrageously Simple Visual Guide to Goal Setting

1. Brainstorm

  • Take some time to brainstorm about your current life, and pinpoint anywhere you would like some change. Start with three facets of your life: Financial, health and Relationships
  • Create a list of ways you would like to improve your life in each of those areas

2. Choose 3 Major Goals

  • Using the lists you created earlier, choose a major goal for each of the three facets of life. If you are content with one of the facets, then choose 2 from one of the others. The most important thing is identifying somewhere in your life you would like to improve and you create a goal to that. Choose 3 major goals.

3. No Limits!

A quick aside here, There is a lot to talk about smart and reasonable goals. I get the theory behind it, but disagree. If you want to make huge major goals that some would scoff at – go for it. Dream big.

4. Write Your Goals Down

  • This seems like a “no-brainer’ right? WRONG. The vast majority of people in the world do not have their goals written down. Written down. Writing your goals down is the first step to making them a reality
  • I recommend writing then as specifically as possible. A New house is a great goal. but a 4000sq ft log cabin with indoor pool, is not only specific – it is more motivating.

5. Break your Goals Down

  • This is where people who like “smart and reasonable” goals will shine. After you have your three major goals written out in full, it is time to break each pf those down. Break each of your major goals into smaller, more attainable goals that you can start working towards right away.
  • For example – If you wanted to earn $100 000 by the end of the year, you could easily break it that number down and figure out what you would have to average per month, per week and even per day. If you wanted to lose 100 pounds, you could easily break that down per month/week/day as well.
  • Creating these smaller goals will plot your path to the major once. As you achieve them you will not only get close to your goal, you will build momentum and motivation

6. Announce your Goals

  • Build some accountability -make your goals public. You can do this simply by telling friends. You could take a more techy approach by announcing it on your Twitter and Facebook. If you want to take it to the next level – you could create a free blog on a site like to document your journey.
  • Making goals known to people makes you more likely to achieve them. It is built-in accountability

7. Keep your Goals on your Mind

It is easy for people to forget about their goals. I don’t mean forgetting them altogether, but there will be times you are faced with a decision and you won’t consider your goals before you make it.

One way to combat this is, to keep your goals on your mind so much that they become part of your sub conscious. There are a number of ways to achieving this. Some popular ways include:

  • Create a vision board and hang in room/office. The board should be full of images of your goals.
  • Mediate on your goals each morning
  • Carry around a card with your goals written on it

8. Work Towards your Goals

  • This is pretty obvious step, but it is worth saying. You may be a fan of The Secret or Law of Attraction, but no amount of wishing or projecting will do the job alone. You will not reach your goals without working towards them. The harder and faster you work – the quicker you will reach them.
  • If you need help staying on track, consider creating a schedule

9. Keep a Success Log

A Success Log is simply a record of your accomplishments. You can keep this on a computer, or you can keep an old fashioned journal. The log will help it two different ways.

  • First -You  will be able to see a snapshots of your success with one glance – this will allow you to diagnose any problems holding you back. If you notice a long stretch of time with no successes you might be able to relate that to an issue you had that time period.
  • Two – It allows you to easily reflect on everything you have accomplished. You might need motivation some days, and a huge list of your accomplishments is the perfect pick me up

10. Reach & Repeat

Now there is nothing left to keep working away until you REACH YOUR GOALS! When you manage to reach a goal,  don’t stop – repeat by working on an entirely new goal! With this method there is nothing you can’t do

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