Workplace Trust

Workplace Trust

Workplace Trust

The Jacobs model
The Jacobs model links eight intrinsic drivers of trust, each of which is impacted by an individuals psychological well-being and work environment, to two paths of performance, leading to either positive or negative outcomes. When each of the drivers is satisfied, this leads to the positive outcome path- engagement, energy release boosted well-being and improved performance.

Individual factors
well being and Perception

Environmental Factors

  • Work-life flexibility integration
  • Flexible working
  • Workload
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Technology
  • Physical environment
  • Reward and performance
  • Other people strategies

The Eight Intrinsic Drivers

  1. Belong & Connect:
    If people feel excluded in the workplace they feel threatened and it can affect their health and well-being. Its important to make sure individuals feel connected to their team.
  2. Significance & position:
    People are continually assessing their role within their organisation and what contribution they are making. If people do not feel valued, they can feel threatened, which will negatively impact their performance.
  3. Learn & challenge:
    People are continually  learning so they can adapt to the ever-changing modern work environment. Research has shown that employees who feel  challenged are more productive
  4. Security & certainty:
    If workers aren’t secure in their position then they can feel threatened which has a negative effect on their performance and productivity levels.
  5. Voice & recognition:
    People should be encouraged to put their views and ideas across in the workplace so they feel that their contributions are recognized and appreciated.
  6. Fairness:
    It is critical for an organisation to treat its employees fairly and consistently. If employees feel they are being treated unfairly it can cause high stress levels and low productivity.
  7. Choice & autonomy:
    Giving workers a degree of control and the ability to make their own choices can help them balance their work and homes lives more effectively, helping to improve their performance.
  8. Purpose:
    If workers have a clear sense of purpose and are aware of exactly what their contribution to an organisation is, they are more likely to be engaged.


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