Rats Chewing up your Place?

Rats Chewing up your Place?

Rats Chewing up your Place?

1. Rat Facts

  • Social scavengers which eat anything.
  • Communicate by inaudible sounds.
  • Teeth are harder than steel.
  • Eat their own faeces.
  • Reproduce even at 2 months old.
  • Spread diseases such as the plague and the flu-like hanvavirus through contaminated dust, rats’ excrement, and bite wounds.
  • Can cause extensive damage to properties by gnawing on wood and wiring (which can cause fires).

*Hantavirus and *plagues

2. Where they are Found?

  • Dark corners, including:
    under or on top cabinets and shelves, behind piping, Even inside the roof void and underground.

3. When they Appear?

  • All year round.
  • Usually at night.
  • Newer breeds can also come out during the day and have no fear of people.

4. Basic How-to (ERDM)

  • Exclusion- prevent rats from setting foot by having NO food lying around and throw away thrash promptly.
  • Restriction- Reduce the presence of dark and inaccessible corners and areas by having good proofing measures.
  • Destruction– Use bait and pesticides. Cats are deterrents to rats too.
  • Monitoring- Periodic inspection and housekeeping on furniture, flooring and the surroundings, including the greens.

Warning Signs:

  • Presence of dead or living rats is the most obvious sign of rat infestation.
  • Dirty and oily marks or stains on walls and flooring, and visible tracks.
  • Round the large bites or damages found on wood and plastic materials and furniture.
  • presence of rats’ droppings.


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