Tweeter Marketing #TweetSheet

Tweeter Marketing #TweetSheet

Tweeter Marketing #TweetSheet


  • Create a custom background
  • Use a headshot for photo
  • Be detailed in your bio
  • Use SEO keywords in Bio
  • Link to your website/blog
  • Don’t use logo or egg for photo
  • Add more details in background


  • Use app to organize tweets
  • Organize followers in lists
  • Follow tweets by hashtag
  • Monitor your brand tweets
  • Create lists for competition
  • Schedule tweets for future
  • Follow Twitter chats
  • Monitor buzz around events


  • Add buttons to blog & individual posts
  • Feed tweets to blog & Facebook tab
  • Add twitter name to marketing materials
  • Display twitter name on invoices, signage
  • List Twitter name across social networks
  • Include buttons in email marketing
  • Ask people to follow you in email sign
  • Download Twitter app to smart phone


  • Offer services via Twitter: @vantageCU
  • @Imaginechurch tweets services
  • @cookbook tweets recipes in 140 chairs
  • Twee food truck locations
  • Teach class one tweet at a time
  • Transcend communications limits #Egypt
  • Solicit resumes via creative tweet first
  • Offer loyalty reward programs


  • Use hashtags to designate topic
  • Post hashtag s for products
  • Identify trends with a hashtag
  • Offer contest to name product: #nerdbird
  • Promote contests with a hashtag
  • Recommend colleagues on #Follow Friday
  • Clearly define event hashtags


  • Keep original tweets short
  • Use RT @, not Twitter away
  • Ask for the retweet
  • Links are retweeted most
  • Retweet for networking
  • Add short comment
  • Thank people for retweets
  • Always credit content source
  • Hold contest for retweets


  • Ask for follower feedback
  • Grant clients creative control
  • What is competition doing?
  • Quickly adapt to feedback
  • Create list of detractors Post survey w/incentives
  • Perfect trends by listening


  • Participate in industry chats
  • Do market research for trends, products
  • Ask colleagues for feedback & advise
  • Research out, make connections
  • Follow savvy chat tweeters
  • Crowdsource collaborative projects
  • Offer or read follow-up transcript
  • Identify and follow hosts


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