4 Free market research tools

4 Free market research tools

4 Free market research tools:

When you just need that hack.

  1. The American Fact finder:
    Allows you to search for any data related any geographic location in the country. Gain access to documents such as demographic  qualities,  population estimates, housing valuations and business statistics. All data you find can be segmented.
  2.  Upfront analysis:
    Provide your company information and two competitors. the The siteny then collects market research data through app games instead of traditional surveys, data returns to you with a national representative of the population as well as brand awareness statistics for your company.
  3. Questionpro:
    We recommend QuestionPro, for conducting online surveys. They are agile and intimate in their service, smaller than other known companies but still professional
  4. My Best Segments:
    Provided by Nielsen this platform offers tools to discover which areas would be most receptive to a brand campaign or launch-as well as nearby competitors and shifting shopping trends.



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