The Challenges of safe Driving

The Challenges of safe Driving

The Challenges of safe Driving

  • Red lights 
    7.3 million red light violations every year are result of distracted driving
  • Children 
    Children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than talking on a cell phone
  • Fleet Truck 
    7 out of 10 fleet companies have written policies to regulate distracted driving
  • Bicyclist
    Nearly 50,000 cyclists were killed or injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2011
  • Cell Phones 
    660, 000 drivers are using cell phones while driving at any given moment during the day
  • Car Radio
    25% of car accidents in the US are a result of driver distractions -changing the station changes your focus from the road to the radio
  • Texting 
    Drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be in or near a crash?
    Based on a recent survey, 50% of teens use their cell phone while driving, both to talk and text
  • Pets
    84% of pet owners travel with their pets in automobile
  • Food
    70% of people admit to eating while driving

The Three Key Types of Distraction

  1. Manual
    Taking your eyes off the the wheel
  2. Visual
    Taking your eyes off the road
  3. Cognitive
    Taking your mind off driving

5 Tips For Safe Driving

  1. Put your phone on silent to avoid temptation from incoming calls and messages. If you need to make a call, pull over to a safe area first.
  2. Make sure you are well rested before any road trip. To avoid drowsiness, take turns driving or take breaks to fuel up on food and water.
  3. Prepare for the drive ahead – eat, review maps, program your favorite radio stations – before any road trip.
  4. Obey posted speed limits and always maintain a safe distance from other vehicle on the road.
  5. Talk to your kids about safe driving habits before they reach driving age and remember they will learn by example!


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