How to Park Your Car Correctly

How to Park Your Car Correctly

How to Park Your Car Correctly

Keep three things in mind; accuracy for not going over the kerb, control to keep at a steady pace and observation

Parallel Parking:

  1. Find Suitable Spot
    Find a suitable spot for parking. Look for a space you can safely get your car into without hitting another car
  2. Study the Space
    Study the space as you drive up. When you see the space, signal towards it and slow down. Pull up next to the car in front of the space. Your car should be away from the parked vehicles about the normal amount of separation you have when driving down the street.
  3. Reverse
    Turn the wheel and start reversing. Check the driver-side mirror to make sure the street behind you is clear of traffic before you begin to back up.
  4. Back into Space
    Back most of the way in. Release the brakes and slowly begin turning somewhat sharply and backing in to the space. While backing into the space, often check in front of and around your car. Continue until the rear wheel facing the curb is nearly as close as the final distance desired and the rear end of the car is still a few feet from the car behind.
  5. Straighten
    Straighten out as you finish pulling in.Turn the steering wheel to the left once the rear of your vehicle is mostly in the space, still going backward. You’ll manoeuvre completely into the space and straighten out your car at the same time.

Perpendicular Parking:

  1. Move to Starting Point
    Move car forward to the start point. Allow at least 8 feet between the cars in the row your parking in and your car.
  2. Turn the Wheel
    Turn your wheel when the front bumper is beyond the taillights of the space before and your shoulder is even with the painted line before parking space
  3. Enter the Space
    Turn the wheel and slowly enter the space. Straighten your wheels when your hood passes the center of the space.
  4. Pull Ahead
    Pull ahead so that your bumper is about foot from the car in front of you. Make sure the back of your bumper is not sticking out of the space

Pay Attention: The vast majority of accidents involving parking a car is a result of lack of attention of the driver


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