How to Set Yourself Up For a Productive Day

How to Set Yourself Up For a Productive Day

How to Set Yourself Up For a Productive Day

Have you ever experienced moments where you wondered about where your time went and realize you didn’t get much done for the whole day? Then you go to bed with the intention that tomorrow is going to be better but fall into the old trap of another unproductive day again.

The best way to guarantee a productive day is to prepare the to-do list the day before. This way, you have the foresight of your process for the next day from start to finish and helps you to prioritize the important tasks first. As a result, even if your day gets inevitably hijacked by urgent matters, you’ve achieved the most important tasks beforehand

Here are 5 simple tips which can help you to make the most of your time for the most productive day possible

  1. Start Your Day With Meditation Or Simple Exercise
    Starting your day with a short meditation or simple exercise can help you gain clarity to prioritize your tasks and action plan for the day. Meditation allows you to dispose the scatters in your mind and help and help organize it. Simple exercises will help boost your energy levels just enough as to not wear you off but refresh you from lethargy. Eventually this practice of meditation or simple exercise will create a space in your head which gives you clarity in your plan for the day.
  2.  Turn Off All Distractions
    With the growth technology, distractions are at it’s highest level ever. There are numerous number of ‘time-vampires’ today which has disengaged people from their present moment and tasks. Turning off all these distractions such as radio, TV, games and social media platforms, will save you a lot of time, help you become more laser-focused and re-direct your energy towards accomplishing your tasks. Once you’ve tackled your tasks, you can set a little reward system to do whatever you’d like. However, make a commitment to allocate the most energetic time of your day to your work and finishing them first.
  3. Create a Checklist of What You Want to Accomplish 
    By creating a checklist, you’ve programmed your mind with an intention which is akin to purpose. Having a purpose for your day will keep you inspired and motivated to stay on track. It will help you stay committed instead of swaying off course. For every tasks, that’s been accomplished, cross it out for positive reaffirmation. At times, you may not be able to complete all the tasks on your checklist by the day due to external factors. Nonetheless, the idea of a checklist is to set an intention of what you want to accomplish for the. This way you can ensure that your project gets done in a timely and fashionable manner.
  4. Set Milestones
    Create Milestones to the finish line by creating time blocks for the day. A time block is a specific amount of time you’ve set for a specific task or project. When you are able to designate and allocate your time, you take control of your productivity through discipline and focus.
  5. Clear Your Mind and Come Back to It
    The human mind is not meant to work for 8 hours straight. Our brains work best in 60-90 minutes interval of focused work. After that interval, get away from your desk by taking a walk, stretching a bit or enjoying a drink to help clear mind. Even if it;s as short as 5 minutes ‘break’ intervals will help your brain re-energize giving you a new spurt of zest to enter your next time block of dedicated work.

By following these simple tips, you will be surprised by how much more you will get done in a day. Ultimately, you will have more free time to enjoy accomplishing more in a shorter span of time through setting yourself up for a productive day

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