Anatomy Of A Data Scientist

Anatomy Of A Data Scientist

Anatomy Of A Data Scientist

The era of big data has created a talent gap for people who can pull actionable insights out of raw data. The data scientist – called “the sexiest job of the 21st century” by Harvard Business Review – is in demand, with a 15,000% jump in job posts between 2011-2012. In the US, the average salary for these sought-after scientists is around $100,000.

So What Makes A Good Data Scientist?

  • Degreed In Geek
    It doesn’t hurt to have degrees from top operations research, statistics or mathematics programs, such as those at MIT, Stamford, Harvey Mudd, Imperial College London, Cambridge University and the Indian Institute Of technology
  • Problem Solving Powers
    A problem solver at heart who’s able to devise creative solutions to real-world problems. Know how to define those problems precisely, spot elusive patterns and connect the dots.
  • Maathlete
    Strong Math skills are table stakes
  • Suit-Able
    Has the know-how and finesse to be a business leader. Today, data scientists can lead from the backroom to the boardroom.
  • Insight Whisperer
    Can develop unique insights, apply them to solve business problems, and explain them to business people who don’t have PhDs in operation research
  • Quantastic
    Successful data scientists come not only from pure math backgrounds, but also from such fields as engineering, statistics and econometrics. They have programming skills or the ability to learn programming language and represent concept via computer code
  • Curiouser And Curiouser
    Critical thinking and a relentlessly inquisitive nature are the center of an analytic mindset.
  • Agile And Adaptive
    Versatile enough to apply their expertise to multiple industries, from retail to banking, insurance to government, health care to airlines.

It Takes One To Know One:
A true Data Scientist can spot the real idea


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