Norwegian E-commerce

Norwegian E-commerce

Norwegian E-commerce

What you need to know to sell online in Norway

  • Population: 5,000,000 in 2011 – This is some of the most experienced online shoppers in the world and they know exactly how things work. Treat them well and you will have happy and returning customers.

How Norwegians investigate before they purchase:

  • Using a search engine (usually Google): 64%
  • Using price comparison sites: 58%
  • Reading reviews by other buyers: 49%
  • Looking at products in a mail order catalogue: 21%
  • Trying out or looking at products in retail store: 21%
  • Using social media for research: 21%

How Norwegians prefer to pay online:

  • Invoice: 18%
  • Online banking: 10%
  • Debt or credit card: 59%
  • PayPal: 12%

Purchases during 12 months:

  • Men: 1.275 EUR
  • Woman: 665 EUR

What Norwegians buy online:

  • Electronics (including computers and gadgets): 52%
  • Books and audiobooks: 40%
  • Clothes/shoes: 40%
  • Movies: 29%
  • Music CDs: 21%

Most common reason for people in The Nordic countries, to look for products outside their own country:

  • Bigger range on foreign site: 10%
  • Cheaper than local sites: 41%
  • The product is not available on local sites: 50%
  • Fun fact: China beats Denmark and Sweden. Norwegians choose Chine above Denmark when they buy online abroad.

What you have to do to be successful:

  • Communicate clearly about prices, VAT and other costs.
  • Respect. You deal with experienced international¬†oriented online shoppers

What will hurt your conversion rate:

  • If you think the Norwegians will take care of the custom handling, when your products cross the EU border
  • If you don’t deliver on your promises, One out of 5 will check you on social media

Other interesting facts:

  • Total value of the online market in 2011: 2,9 billion EUR
  • 410.00 Twitter Accounts (highest penetration in the nordic countries)
  • 57% uses facebook
  • Norway is outside EU, it complicates things. This is one of the least competitive e-commerce markets, but still with experienced online shoppers with strong economy.

Norwegian E-commerce - What you need to know to sell online in Norway

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