Norway – From top to bottom

Norway – From top to bottom

Norway – From top to bottom

High mountain peaks and plateaus
44% of Norway is mountains, the tallest one being Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 meters

Midnight sun and bright summer night
During summer, the sun never sets. Capture this magnificent experience on a midnight sun cruise or safari before the darkness of winter arrives

Festivals in the mountains
Norwegians love their festivals and their mountains, so it’s no wonder they found a way to combine them

Seasons, weather and climate
Due to the Gulf Stream and warm air currents, Norway has a friendlier climate than the latitude indicates.

Watch the eagles soar
The white-tailed sea eagle is Europe’s biggest bird of prey, and the largest European population of these majestic birds can be found in coastal Norway

Huge glaciers consist of ice thousands of years old, and with an experienced guide you can traverse them in safety

Norway - From top to bottom

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