From Head To Toe: Anatomy Of A Girl’s Health

From Head To Toe: Anatomy Of A Girl’s Health

From Head To Toe: Anatomy Of A Girl’s Health

Vaccination And Immunization
More than 23 million children around the world don’t receive basic vaccinations. Community Outreach and regular check-ups can help children receive life-saving vaccines

Hygiene And Sanitation
A lack of girls-only bathrooms can prevent girls from attending school in the developing world. But separate latrines for girls offer privacy, making it more likely girls will stay in school.

Girls are 3x more likely to suffer malnutrition than boys. School feeding programs are one way to keep children well-fed and in school.

Clean Water
Girls are often tasked with collecting water, travelling great distances to bring clean water home. A safe water source close to home means girls can use this time to attend school instead.

Active Leaving
Girls are less likely than boys to enjoy time to play because they are burdened with household chores. But sports programs keep girls off the sidelines, teaching them leadership skills, building confidence and creating positive change in a girls’s life.

Early Childhood Development
50% of girls don’t attend school in the developing world. Every year a girl stays in school, her income rises by 15% and her children are 5-10% more likely to survive.

Self -Esteem
Gender stereotypes and inequality can limit girls’ potential. Programs to promote livelihood and community participation can enhance girls’ confidence and ability to follow their dreams

Access To Health Care
7.6 million children under the age of 5 die every year. 2/3 of these deaths can be prevented with access to simple, affordable care, like immunization, medicine and adequate nutrition

 Sexual And Reproductive Health
1,500 teenage girls will die today from pregnancy or childbirth. Equipping delivery rooms and training birth attendants can give mothers and newborns a better chance for a safe delivery and a healthy life.

Anatomy of head to toe

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