Benefits Of Roots Vegetables

Benefits Of Roots Vegetables

Benefits Of Roots Vegetables

1. Provides Complex Carbs And Stretch

  • Obtain fiber, nutrients and complex carbs with little sugar
  • Fulfill carb cravings or a sweet tooth without bombarding the body with sugar and inflammatory refined grains

2. High In Fiber

  • Considered low glycemic foods that are absorbed slowly
  • Stay in digestive tract longer and keep you full
  • Prevent inflammation and disease formation
  • Help with digestion and prevent IBS and constipation
  • Associated with reduced risk for diabetes

3. Good Source Of Vitamins A And C

  • Lower inflammation
  • Protects skin and eye health
  • Fight free radical damage

4. Aids In Weight Loss

  • Fiber content fills up and helps lose weight
  • Lower in calories and on the glycemic index than grains
  • Don’t spike blood sugar as quickly or drastically as grains
  • Slows down release of glucose
  • Control appetite and delay hunger cues

5. Helps Maintain Healthy Skin And Eyes

  • Packed with beta carotene and vitamin C
  • Build and defend skin cells
  • Treat macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and skin

6. Contain Anticancer Antioxidants

  • Alkalizing and anti-inflammatory
  • Preserve cognitive function
  • Stop oxidative damage and degeneration of the brain

7. Lower Cholesterol And Improve Heart Health

  • Bind to cholesterol particles and helps carry them out of the body
  • Prevents plaque buildup in arteries

8. Fight Cancer And Cognitive Disorders 

  • Protect against dangerous overreactions to things like poor diet, exercise, UV light, pollution and environmental toxicity
  • Reduced inflammation correlated with lower risk for cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Benefits Of Roots Vegetables

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