7 Website Essentials To Land You More Leads

7 Website Essentials To Land You More Leads

7 Website Essentials To Land You More Leads

For most businesses, a website is the key destination of their online marketing journey. Pack these seven elements into your website and say aloha to new customers and more sales.

(1) Optimize Your Website For Conversions.
Effectively guiding consumers to contact you via a prominent phone number, web form and live chat

66% of small business websites lack a form-fill option to request info. Bia/Kelsey

(2) Link To Your Social Media Pages From Your Website.
Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help customers get the information needed to buy.

(3) Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
With a click-to-call number, map, hours and product information.

46% of consumers rely on cell phones to research products, service and business locations. marketing Land

(4) Keep Content Balanced And Accurate.
Remove content about products or services you no longer offer.

(5) Use Engaging Videos
To build credibility and attract visitors who don’t want to read about your services and successes

85% of people will watch a video about a product of interest for at least 1 minute. eMarketer

(6) Remove Dated Design Elements That portray your business as old. Modern, simple design beats outdated or overwhelming elements such as garish color combinations, type in all caps and blinking or swirling of text.

(7) Make Your Page User-Friendly.
A load time longer than two seconds, broken links, flash-based pages, and difficult navigation drive customers away.

40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more that three minutes to load. Econsultancy


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