5 Steps to Marketing Automation Success

5 Steps to Marketing Automation Success

5 Steps to Marketing Automation Success

Develop a Marketing automation strategy based on a customer’s needs and a solid system of meeting those needs with personalized content.

1. Set Very Specific  Goals
Determine how much website traffic needs to be generated to get leads. Once the number of leads required to target is decided upon, set metrics to achieve them. Be sure to set first line goals.

2. Create Remarkable Content that your Potential Customers Want to Read
Content must appeal to the characteristics of each potential customer and answer questions dedicated to showing how a product or service will effectively solve their problem.

3. Create Accountability Between Marketing and Sales Departments
As leads are produced through automation and a clear path is established through the buying cycle, it becomes evident whether a lead had a proper follow-up to close the sale. Cooperation between both marketing and sales teams will drive sales to unprecedented levels.

4. Establish a Definitive Closed-Loop reporting Process
Closed-loop reporting ties the sequence of steps delivering potential customers through the buying cycle to the point of recording the actual sale.

5. Test, Test Test, and then Test Again
All aspects of marketing can be reviewed with A/B testing. Landing pages, calls-to-action, offers, blog and social media posts and website pages can all be evaluated and fine-tuned to produce the best results possible.


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