5 Step Content Marketing Checklist

5 Step Content Marketing Checklist

5 Step Content Marketing Checklist

1. Planning & Researching Your Topic

  • Use Google keyword planner to find relevant keyword phrases that people are searching for to use in your post
  • Search Twitter for popular topics related to your keyword and pay attention to the ones getting the most retweets and favorites
  • Do a quick Google search to see other pages that are ranking for that keyword\
  • Create a list of major points you want to get across in your post

2. Writing Your Content

  • Don’t let paragraphs get too long – they should break up every 2-3 lines or roughly every 75-100 words
  • Try to include an image for every 300 words of text
  • Use sub headers to segment sections and break up your article for easy reading/scanning
  • Create a compelling headline (ideal length: 55 characters)
  • Make use of bullets and lists where applicable
  • Link to other valuable resources in your article (webpages or your other blog posts) where relevant
  • Spell check!

3. Optimize Your Content For Search

  • Aim for 1000-1500 words for a blog post – that is the Google *sweet post* for SEO based on research from sepIQ
  • Place your SEO keyword into your blog title
  • Include your SEO keyword in at least one H2 header
  • Place your SEO keyword at the very beginning of your title and H2 header for optimal results

4. Make It Shareable

  • Create a custom graphic that shows the title of your blog in an attractive way to increase shares on pinterest and other networks
  • Use Click to Tweet to include tweetable quotes and state throughout your blog
  • Create or curate an infographic relevant to your chosen topic and include it in your post
  • Include slideshare presentation or a video

5. Promote Your Content

  • Send an update to your email list with a link to your blog post
  • Share your blog post on Facebook and make sure your image is optimized to look good in Facebook link preview ¬†for optimal click-through rates
  • Share on Twitter and include your custom title graphic
  • Share on Pinterest using the custom title graphic
  • Pin to relevant shared Pinterest boards to increase exposure
  • Share your blog post as a status update on LinkedIn on your personal profile and your LinkedIn company page
  • Share in relevant LinkedIn by creating a discussion around your topic and including the link as a reference
  • Share your post to Google+ to your personal profile and company profile
  • Find niche Facebook groups and Google+ communities to share your post by creating discussion about it
  • Consider using Facebook ads or LinkedIn Sponsored updates to run targeted ads to promote your content
  • Use a social sharing plugin like Digg Digg or Flare that allows for easy social sharing directly from your blog but be aware of the etiquette of each site’s community before posting.

5 content maketing checklist

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