21st Century Skills for Work

21st Century Skills for Work

21st Century Skills for Work

1. Digital Literacy

  • Technological Literacy
    Knowledge of technology for its effective use.
  • Visual Literacy
    Knowledge for tools for the use of accurate multimedia.
  • Information Literacy
    Accurate and effective use of information.
  • Cultural Literacy
    Efficient and sensible communication with diverse cultural groups
  • Global Awareness
    Useful understanding of international relationships.

2. Imagination and Innovation

  • Adaptability
    Positive understanding of constant changes and development.
  • Self-direction
    Useful independent work, setting goals and managing workloads.
  • Creativity
    Produce new and original concepts
  • Higher-order Thinking
    Productively analyze, compare, infer, interpret, evaluate and synthesize information.

3. Communication

  • Team Work
    Productive interaction with co-workers exerting everyone’s strengths.
  • Interpersonal Skills
    The use of emotional intelligence to cope with situations at work.
  • Interactive Communication
    Effective use of tools and technology to communicate.
  • Personal, Social and Civil Responsibility
    Ethics, public good and resilience.

4. Productivity

  • Prioritizing and Planning¬†
    Efficient achievement of goals.
  • Managing for Results
    Effective problem solving and leadership skills.
  • Ability to Produce High Standard-Products
    Efficient production of information, material and ideas.
  • Effective use of Tools
    Productive and efficient use of tools to achieve goals.


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