12 Ways To Energize Learning

12 Ways To Energize Learning

12 Ways To Energize Learning

We´ve created a list of twelve ways you can shake up and energize learning with tried and true instructional  strategies for increasing engagement with your students. Learn more about each of the topics below with resources from Atomic learning.

  1. Genius Hour
    Genius Hour encourages creativity and innovation by allowing students to focus on a passion of theirs for 20% of their work time.
  2. Coding in the Classroom
    Introduce coding in your classroom. It allows students to stretch themselves and create programs that demonstrate their learning.
  3. The 4 Cs
    Foster collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity skills in the classroom through innovative and engaging uses of technology.
  4. Learning Centers
    Centers, stations, corners, or whatever you call them, can help students with independent and/or cooperative leaning, while adding student accountability and engagement.
  5. TPACK
    The sweet spot in teaching when content knowledge, pedagogical skills & technology use combines to create a truly exceptional learning experience. Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge
  6. SAMR Model
    Try integrating tech through the SAMR model. Explore each level (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition).
  7. Virtual Reality
    Extend learning opportunities beyond 2D flat images by bringing your students anywhere. Encourage them to interact with the world around them.
  8. Globally Connected
    Connect with other educators and classrooms that share the same interest as you. Participate in events all over the globe.
  9. Live Video
    Help students collaborate & practice positive digital citizenship by marketing a product using live video streaming, creating advertising materials, and more.
  10. Mystery Skype
    An educational game by 2 classrooms on Skype. The aim of the game is to guess  the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.
  11. Pass/Send a Problem
    Give small groups a problem to answer before passing it to the next group, then next, etc. When it circles back, pick the best answer.
  12. Smart(er) Gaming
    Help engage students by downloading games and customizing content to your area of focus and grade level. If you have a SMART AMP create an assessment!

Want to try a few of the items listed above? Log in to Atomic Learning, or visit www.AtomicLearning.com for more information.




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