What Should I Do During Load Shedding

  1. Make Use Of Surge Protection 
    The greatest cause of damage to equipment from a power outage is from electrical surges. Installing a surge protection device can help minimize some damage in unforeseen situations when the power goes off or is restored
  2. Back It Up
    When working on a computer, back up important data and save your work incrementally so that you don’t lose your work/files during shedding
  3. Electric Fencing
    To ensure that your electric fencing continues to function during load shedding. Your electric fence and electric gate battery should have a back-up battery
  4. Unplug Your Cables
    It is vital to unplug computer power cables from the modem when there is an imminent power outage. This applies to all sensitive equipment.
  5. Portable Modem
    You can either use a 3G internet dongle or your smart phone as a modem for your laptop you connected to the internet during load shedding
  6. Fully Charge Your Batteries
    Make sure that your laptop battery is fully charged and that your smart phone and tablet have enough battery life
  7.  Be Vigilant
    Ensure that you are especially alert when arriving at or leaving your home in the evenings, as the street lights and your outside lighting will not be functioning during the load shedding process.
  8.  Lighting
    A battery powered torch is essential in every household. Candles and matches must be used with care as they can cause fires.
  9. First Aid Kit
    Make sure your kit is stocked and store it in an easily accessible place for the family to reach it during a power outage
  10. Invest In A UPS
    A UPS not only acts as a back-up battery for your PC in the event of a power failure, but it also regulates the amount of power that your computer receives. Use as per product instructions. Do not reverse the feed; this is dangerous as your earth leakage will not function

What You should do during load sheddingW

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