Changing A Car Tire

Changing A Car Tire

Changing A Car Tire

Before proceeding make sure your emergency brake is on and that car is on leveled ground

Tools Needed

  • Jack raise / Lower attach
  • Car Jack
  • Tire iron

Location Of spare Tire And Tools 
Tools and spare tire are kept in the trunk underneath the carpet

Jack Points
There are 4 Jacking points. Two located on each side of the car in the locations outlined with green circles. These are the points where the jack is placed when needing to raise the car

  1. Loosing Wheel Bolts
    First, begin by loosening the wheel bolts with the tire iron by turning iron counterclockwise. Do not remove bolts completely.
  2. Raising Car
    Insert the car jack underneath the car jack point making sure it lines up with a groove from the jack. insert lever and raise car turning level clockwise
  3. Removing Tire
    Once car tire is lifted off the ground, continue to unbolt the nuts the rest of the way and pull off the tire. Pull towards yourself.
  4. Replacing Tire
    Put replacement tire on the car and secure with bolts. Screw bolts on with tire iron to hold tire in place
  5. Lowering Car
    Lower car by turning jack lever counterclockwise until jack is fully closed and the car is on the ground.
  6. Tightening Wheels Bolts
    Tighten wheels bolts by turning tire iron clockwise. Tighten one bolt at a time by alternating from one to the other in an “X” direction



Changing A Care Tire

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