Train Your Brain To Stay Focus

  • Go Into Your Creative Space
    One of the biggest no-nos is working in a place other than an office or actual work area. Do not work in your bed, on your couch or at your kitchen table, as these are areas meant for other tasks (sleeping, relaxing, cooking). Create an office or small desk location that is strictly meant for work, to train your brain that when your body is here you are working and focused.
  • Get Comfortable
    Your mind will be at ease if your body is comfortable. Invest in a good chair for posture purposes to ensure that you are at your best comfort level. Turn your AC/heater on, so that your temperature remains regulated.
  • Minimize Distractions
    Turn off your phone, email pop-ups and other potential distractions. Automate responses, email alerts and other potential technology interruptions.
  • Put Yourself In The Zone
    Clear your mind of distractions and put your brain in productivity mode.
  • Clear Your Desk
    Your work space should only have what you need to get your task completed. This can include a computer, notebook, music and perhaps a calming visual aid.
  • Set Timelines
    Have a timeline that you want to follow, as this will put more of a task-driven concentration into your brain.
  • Picture Your Goal
    Picture your goal either figuratively or literally. Figuratively put your end game in your mind, take two minutes of complete focus on the goal you want to achieve. If it is an object or destination that you are working toward, such as a beach getaway, print off a serene location and hang it close to your work space. Whenever you feel a distraction or mental block, look at the picture to find your focus.
  • Do The Hardest Task First
    Stop procrastinating. If you complete your hardest task first it will give you a domino effect on your productivity. Knowing that you did something that you could have potentially dreaded throughout the day will give you intrinsic motivation to complete more simple and less-stressful responsibilities.
  • Stop Multitasking
    Just stop. Focus on one thing and one thing only to keep your brain focused and determined.
  • Allow Breaks
    If your task takes the entire day, if not more, allow mental breaks. Eat healthy snacks, go on a brisk walk or just plain get up from your desk to allow for a mental break. Without it you will end up becoming mentally drained and exhausted.
  • Train Your Brain
    Exercise, read, write or pin motivational ideas. Like the muscles in your body, your brain also needs a workout. Combine physical exercise such as cardio with yoga and other mentally stimulating activities to keep your brain and body on track together. Training your brain to stay focused by reading and free writing will spill into your everyday work tasks.
  • Treat Yo’self
    Create an award system when you achieve each of your goals. It can be as simple as splurging on a $5 coffee or as extravagant as that Michael Kors bag you’ve been eyeing. Knowing that you’re receiving an award for accomplishments will help keep you focused and on track in the long run.


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