How To Meditate In 6 Steps

How To Meditate In 6 Steps

How To Meditate In 6 Steps

  1. First find a comfortable place where you can sit without distraction for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Sit comfortably with your back upright and without back support, if physically possible
  3. Clear your eyes and focus within
  4. Focus your attention on your breath or an affirmation
  5. If you notice your mind thinking that’s okay; just bring your focus back to your technique.
  6. Give yourself a few minutes to acclimate slowly back into the activities of your day.

Benefits Of Meditation

  • Physical
    Stress reduction, lower blood pressure, immunity boost, pain relief, heart health.
  • Emotional
    Greater emotional balance. increased happiness and sense of well-being.
  • Unlimited Consciousness
    You feel a connection with everyone and everything in your life
  • Witness Consciousness
    You are a detached observer — not as attached to things and outcomes.
  • Mental
    Increased creative thinking. Improved concentration. Increased productivity.
  • ¬†Wakefulness
    You are more intimately present in the moment. You are more aware of yourself and your environment.

Types Of Meditation

  • Mindfulness
    Meditation is about being aware of the sounds and activities happening around you.
  • Movement
    Movement meditation is about moving your body in a mindful way
  • Mantra
    Mantra meditation uses words spoken silently to focus the mind


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