Top Essential Gadget Gifts

  1. Fitness Trackers:
    For the healthy nerd or fitness fanatic who thrives knowing exactly how many steps they’ve taken, how fast they ran and how many calories they burned. Most watches have other cool features too like heart rate and sleep monitoring.
  2. Smart Watches
    Having a smart watch is basically like slapping a mini smart phone to your wrist. Enjoy the use of apps, extended use of your smart phone, fitness tracking and a stylish watch all in one bundle.
  3. E-Readers
    Gone are the days of paper backs and hardcovers taking up shelf . Sell all your books and buy an e-Reader instead! read on the go and store hundreds of books -even connect to the web and download books as you need more to read. Enjoy liquid ink displays which are just as friendly on the eyes as reading from paper, except you have a backlight!
  4. Smart Glasses
    There are a lot of intelligent items on this list! Smart glasses have a display, audio output, a camera, microphone and GPS. They can even access WIFI or simply connect with your phone. What’s so great about smart glasses? No hands!
  5. TV Sticks.
    Like the Amazon Fire TV Stick – Plug is the Chromecast competitor and enjoy 4x the storage and 2x the memory with a dual core processor. Access hundreds of thousands of shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon instant Videos and Hulu Plus by simply plugging in the USB dongle


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