The History of Lipstick

  • Taboo Treats (1800s)
    Makeup is prohibited in upper class social circles. Women use home remedies to fake naturally red lips
  • Pretty In Paris (1880s)
    Perfume companies first start selling lipsticks commercially
  • Revolution! (1890s)
    Lipstick spreads in Europe and the USA, becoming a symbol of feminist!
  • The New Normal 1900s)
    With the rise of the Gibson Girl and fashion magazines, wearing cosmetics is seen as good thing for the modern liberated woman.
  • Independent Woman (1914 – 1918)
    During the war more women are in the workforce. New income brings new demand for cosmetics.
    1915- First lipstick in a metal push up tube is sold by Maurice Levy.
  • A Star Is Born (1918)
    Women wanting the shapely dark lips of silent movie stars, defines the look of the Jazz Age
  • Lipstick For All! (1923)
    James Bruce Mason Jr patents the first swivel-up lipstick. Mass productions + lower costs results in a makeup industry boom!

The Modern Era Of Lipstick begins!

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