Baby’s First Year Senses & Motor Skills

Baby’s First Year Senses & Motor Skills

Baby’s First Year Senses & Motor Skills


  • Communicates through grunts, hiccups, cries and sneezes
  • Vision is best from between 8 and 12 inches

1 Months

  • Hearing is fully developed
  • Keeps hands tight in fists
  • May respond to familiar sounds

2 Months

  • Tracks moving objects with his eyes
  • Begins to lift head
  • May start to suck thumb/fist

3 Months

  • Mimics sounds, expressions and movements
  • Makes eye contact
  • Recognizes familiar faces

4 Months

  • May begin teething
  • Likely rolls from stomach to back
  • May push up to her elbows

5 Months

  • Learns how to reach with both hands and grasp things with fingers

6 Months

  • Sees in full color
  • Can support own weight with his legs (with help from adults)
  • Babbles and imitates sounds

8 Months

  • Learns to sit up by herself
  • Begins to lean over
  • Gearing up for crawling, or already is

9 Months

  • Has learned object performance

10 Months

  • Understands simple instructions
  • Remembers favorite toys

11 Months

  • Recognizes objects
  • May know how to stand, scoot and cruise

12 Months

  • Can probably self-feed
  • Stands without support, at least for a few seconds
  • Able to speak a few words like “dada” and “mama”
  • Understands simple commands
  • May walk 2 to 3 steps

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