Some Cold Sober Uses for BEER & BOOZE Around the House

If you fancy yourself a traditionalist (or have run low on store-bought cleaners), give these tricks a try to keep your home fresh and clean.


  • Pour a little bear on a stubborn, roasted-over bolt to loosen things up
  • Beer works wonders on plants; pour a shot on plants ones per week
  • Trap slugs, snails & fruit flies in strategically placed saucers of beer


  • Splash vodka on stubborn label adhesives to relax their sticky grip
  • Clean mirrors with a mist of vodka & water in equal parts
  • Mix vodka & water to create an effective mold-&-mildew remover


Whisky-soak a pipe cleaner before using it to clean a tobacco pipe.

Make your silverware gleam by rubbing knives, forks and spoons with gin.



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