Be A Beer Expert

Be A Beer Expert

Be A Beer Expert

Drop that keystone light for something that actually tastes good

Types of Beer

1. Lager:
Lagers have a crisper taste due to their fermentation process. They are fermented for longer at lower temperatures, mellowing the beer and creating a smoother taste.

  • Pilsner:
    Straw colored, highly carbonated and low in alcohol ABV: 4.5-5%
  • Oktoberfest:
    Full-bodied and dark brown, drank in October ABV: 4.0-7.0%
  • Bock:
    Sweet and dark, with widely ranging flavors ABV:5.5-7%
  • Dunkel:
    Dark amber, with smooth flavors similar to coffee ABV:4.0-6.0% 

2. Ales:
Ales are sweet, full-bodied and vary in color depending on the grains used during brewing. Many ales contain hops, which add a bitter flavor to counteract sweetness.

  • porter:
    Dark and heavy with a burnt flavor ABV: 4.0-7%
  • Stout:
    Roasted not malted, sweet with carmel aromas ABV: 4.0-7%
  • Amber:
    Sweet from excess malt and (surprise!) amber colored ABV:4.0-7.0%
  • Irish ale:
    Deep red in color, with malty and sweet flavors ABV:4.0-6.0%
  • Pale ale:
    Malty and hoppy with fruity aromas ABV:4.0-7.0%
  • Indian Pale Ale (IPA):
    Extremely bitter and amber colored ABV: 4.5-7.5%
  • Wheat:
    Pale, highly carbonated and commonly fruity ABV 4.0-7.0%


  • Beer name:
    Description of bear and flavors present
  • ABV (0.0-0.0%):
    Average alcohol by volume range
  • Not malty(malt-0-meter*):
    Malt-o-meter rates basic malted flavor, however, malted grains are present in most bears and vary widely
  •  Not Hoppy (Hop-0-meter)**:
    Hop-0-meter rates a basic bitterness due to hops

What is “malty”?
“Malty” flavor is provided by malted cereal grains, which are sugars that are fermented to create the CO2  and alcohol content. Malt contributes to beer color, flavor, and mouth-feel. Malts make beer sweet, but depending on the grain used can also make the bear darker and heavier. Malts also include richer flavors like carmel and espresso. Porters are known for their malty taste.

What is “hoppy”?
“Hoppy” flavor is provided by-you guessed it-hops. this flower is the bitterness that balances the malt’s sweetness. The flavor depends on were the hops are grown, but most have a fruity, herbal or citrus flavors. Beers with strong hoppy flavors comes from hops being left in the barrel longer.The IPA specially began with leaving hops in the barrel as beer was shipped from India to England.

Glass Guide

  • Pint:The essential 
    Use for: anything and everything
  • Snifter: Capture aromas
    Use for: stronger ales, like a double IPA, to smell ingredients
  • Tulip: So foamy
    Used  for: beer that has a very foamy head
  • Pilsner: The bubbly
    Used for : Pale lagers with lots carbonation
  • Weizen: Wheat dreams
    Used for: Wheat beers, to show off color and head
  • Mug: Drink up
    Use for: Any beer as long as you want to drink a lot of it

What to Try

  • Like Budweiser? (yuengling Traditonal lager)
    This amber lager with a subtle carmel sweetness is a staple for summer days
  • Like Guinness? (founders porter)
    With strong carmel Carmel and flavors, this porter is one of the best around
  • Like blue moon? (Hoegaarden witbier)
    Soft taste and slight citrus flavors makes this wheat beer easy to drink
  • Like Heineken? (Lagunitas pils)
    A Czech-style pilsner that is light, smooth and refreshing


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