Parenting In The Digital Age

Parenting in the digital age means that cell phones are a fact of life for most moms and dads. Here’s how to make sure your cell phone makes you a more dedicated parent, not a distracted one.

10 Cell Phone Rules For Parents

  1. When your child is talking to you, look at him, not your phone.
  2. Follow your children social media and use your phone to check their posts
  3. When you’re playing with your child, don’t check your phone.
  4. Use your phone to share interesting videos with your children
  5. ┬áDon’t respond to phone calls, texts or emails at meal time.
  6. When you’re on a walk with your child, don’t use your phone, even if she’s asleep in her stroller
  7. Text your children to say hi!
  8. Video chat with your children while they’re away.
  9. If you’re using your phone and your child wants your attention, put down your phone immediately.
  10. ┬áLimit your phone use so your kids’ memory of you won’t be that you were always on your phone

Parenting In The Digital Age

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