How To Make French Press Coffee

Step 1
BOIL: Bring 3 and half CUPS-of filtered water to a rolling boil.

Step 2
GRIND: Grind three, 1/8 cup, scoops of coffee beans on a coarse setting. (Grounds should be large, not too powder-like)

Step 3:
SCOOP: Put three, 1/8 CUP, scoops of coarse coffee grounds in the bottom of your empty french press.

Step 4 
POUR: Pour your boiled water over-top the coffee grounds in the French Press and lightly stir the grounds with the water.

Step 5
WAIT: Place the lid on the French Press. Do not press down the plunger at this time, water sit for a full 4 minutes.

Step 6 
PUSH: After waiting for 4 minutes. Push down on the plunger, forcing all of the coffee grounds to the bottom of the French Press.

Step 7
ENJOY: Serve immediately after pressing and enjoy your fresh hand made, French Press Coffee

How To Make French Press Coffee

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