Evolution’s Guide to Cold-Pressed Juices

Evolution’s Guide to Cold-Pressed Juices

The Facts

  • You can find Evolution Fresh in more than 9,000 Starbucks stores and grocery retailers nationwide, including whole foods markets.
  • Evolution Fresh has over 25 flavor varieties – something for everyone’s taste and nutritional needs!
  • Sweet Greens with Lemon is a best selling flavor and the perfect starter green juice
  • Evolution Fresh cold-precess its juices and uses HPP to help keep nutrients and flavor.

Our Favorites

Pineapple Coconut Water:

  • Super refreshing and hydrating
  • Sweet blend of coconut water and pineapple
  • Perfect hydration for summer festival concert goers

Organic Ruby Roots:

  • A Whole Foods exclusive
  • A mix of sweet beets, apple and splashes of cranberry, orange, ginger and turmeric

Sweet Burn:

  • A Whole Foods exclusive
  • They take coconut water, add a kick of cayenne pepper, pineapple juice, ginger, apple, beat and lemon (YUM!)

Essential Greens with Lime:

  • A nutritious green Juice
  • Includes spinach, romaine, kale, cucumber, celery, and a hint of lime
  • Perfect for the seasoned green juice drinker

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