ACNE: The Bane Of Smooth Skin

ACNE: The Bane Of Smooth Skin

ACNE: The Bane of smooth skin

Did You Know?

  • 85% of people age 18 to 30 have acne
  • There is no scientific proof that junk food or oily foods cause acne
  • Over washing your skin can actually make acne worse- it makes oil glands work harder and dries out your skin
  • The T-Zone is one of the most common places to break out and the hardest to keep clear
  • Yes you can blame your parents for this. You are 60% more likely to develop acne if 1 of your parents had it. And 90% more likely if they both did! Thanks mom!

What is Acne?
The down and dirty facts behind pimples and zits

  • Clogged pores- is the part that is been filled with dust, debris, dead skin, cells and oils.
  • Sebum-The oily secretion of the sebaceous glands– has accumulated in the pore because it cant escape the clog to do its job; which is moisturize your skin. (This is the perfect environment for acne bacteria to grow)
  • When the pressure in the follicle- The interior area of of the pore- is too great it ruptures and your white blood cells rush into combat infection!

Now What?

“popping” your pimple will not get rid of the problem.
Squeezing your pimple will aggravate the area and help spread the bacteria causing acne. It will lead to acne scars which never disappear.

The Option:

  1. OTC Treatment:
    Benzoyl peroxide-2.5% to 10% preparations can be found in gels, lotions and cleansers.
    Salicylic Acid  products are also available . these products will disinfect your skin but will cause drying for most skin types.
  2. All- Natural:
    There are a variety of homeopathic or home treatments, ranging from carefully crafted oils and creams to weekly mud masks to washing sheets every other day. These options are usually tailored to balanced treatment- cost effective and healthy.
  3.  Prescription Drugs:
    After a visit to your doctor, you may get a prescription for systemic antibiotics such as tetracycline, minocycline. Retin-A cream or accutane oral tablets are available for severe cases. these solutions can get very expensive


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