Dangers of Processed Meat

  1. Higher Store Risk
    A 2012 American Heart Association study linked stroke risk to processed meat consumption, with risk increasing by 13% for every daily serving.
  2. Increased Risk of Death
    In 2013, the American Journal of Epidemiology reported that processed meat products are linked to increased risk of death
  3. Double The Risk of Death
    A 2007 study found that men who eat processed meat daily have more than double the risk of developing lung disease compared with men who rarely or never eat processed meat.
  4. Doubled Risk Of COLORECTAL CANCER & Early Diabetes 
    In 2013, the American Cancer Society found that colorectal cancer survivors who consume the most red or processed meat are more likely to die over a 7.5 year follow-up
  5. Increased Risk Of Bladder Cancer
    A 2010 NIH study found that consumption of processed meat increases risk for bladder cancer
  6. Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer
    A 2009 NIH study found that processed meat increases prostate cancer risk. Every 10 grams of processed meat consumed raises prostate cancer risk by 10%
  7. A 2013 Harvard study found that men who consume the most processed meat have more abnormalities in sperm count, size and shape.



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